Meal Booking

General Information
PLEASE NOTE: if you request an alternative course or full meal different to the standard including a meal free from any allergens, vegan, kosher or halal & do not attend to eat it we may apply a further charge to your meal account to compensate for the extra work and preparation.
Halal and Kosher food is available on request at breakfast, lunch and early supper in a simple version. Please pre-book for Formal Hall when the meal will be served in a thali style.
Members of College can choose from the below options (subject to availability)
1. Chicken with Jolloff Rice
2. Chicken Masala with Chana Dal
3. Chicken with Calaloo & Jerk Vegetables
1. Beef Meatballs in Tomato Sauce
2. Roast Chicken & Gravy
3. Cod with Tomato Rice
JCR/MCR Meals times
The JCR and MCR Burn’s Night Formal (SUN 26th Jan) will open today at 4pm
Termtime Meals:
Continental Breakfast Mon – Sat 8.15-9.15am
Lunch Mon - Sat 12.00-1.30pm
Sunday Brunch 11am-1pm
And two forms of evening meals:
Informal in form of Early Supper available between 6-6.15pm Mon -Fri and Sun
Sat Early Supper available between 6-6.30pm
Formal Hall Mon - Fri 7.15-8.30pm & Sun 7.30-8.30pm
Vacation Meals:
Continental Breakfast Mon – Sat 8.30-9.00am
Lunch Mon - Sat 12-1.00pm
Sunday Brunch 11.30am-12.30 pm
Early Supper available between 6-6.30pm Mon to Sun
SCR Meal times
Termtime Meals:
Mon- Fri Breakfast 8.15-9.15am
Mon- Sat Lunch 12.45-1.30pm
Sunday Brunch 12.45-1.30pm
Mon-Sat Dinner 7.15pm with Pre-dinner drinks at 7pm
Sundays Guest Night Dinner at 7.30pm with Pre-dinner drinks at 7pm
Out of term Sundays Dinner 7.15pm
“Partners’ Night” will take place on Tuesday 4th February (week 3) you are welcome to bring your partner. You may charge your special guest to “College hospitality” (by ticking the relevant box in the booking system). The booking is via the usual meal booking system. Please note that this Guest Night is in no way restricted: you may also bring regular guest(s) who are not your partner or come alone. The drink reception before the Dinner will start at 18:45, in the hopeful assumption of a larger number of diners.