Meal Booking


 Please be aware that due to the Archbishop of Canterbury Visit at Merton on Sunday 27 January, the Early Supper has be cancelled!!!

The Halal and Kosher food is available in request at breakfast, lunch and early supper in a simple version. FormalHall meals to be pre-book.
Members of College can choose from the below options (meals are subject to availability and up-date)

1. Chicken with either Jolloff Rice
2. Chicken Masala with Chana Dal
3. Chicken Calaloo Cabbage & SpicyVegetables

1. Beef Meatballs in Tomato Sauce
2. Roast Chicken & Gravy
3. Cod with Tomato Rice
JCR Meals times
 Termtime Meals:
Breakfast 8.15-9.15am
Sunday Brunch 11am-1pm
Mon- Sat Lunch 12.00-1.30pm
Early Supper 5.45 -6.15pm starting from 29th September
Formal Hall 7.15pm - Please noteSunday Formal Hall starts at 7.30pm
Vacation Meals:
Breakfast 8.30-9.00am
Brunch 11.30am-12.30pm
Mon- Sat Lunch 12.00 - 1.00pm
Early Supper 6.00- 6.30pm
SCR Meal times
 Please note Sunday Brunch 12.45-13.05
Lunch Monday- Saturday 12.45-13.45 -
Saturday until 13.30
Monday- Saturday Dinner 19.15
Sunday hightable during term starts at 19.30

Fellows Guests and Partners Dinner will take place on Tuesday05th February. Fellows may sign in their partners to "College Hospitality". The dinner is not restricted: regular guests, non-fellows who are SCR members, as well as MCR members are welcome.